WashPost Says Mayorkas’s Deportation Claim Is Mostly False


The Washington Post’s fact-checker finally found a clear deception by Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Mayorkas frequently claims that illegal immigrants he allows into America are quickly deported.

Glenn Kessler, a writer, deemed Mayorkas claim to contain “significant factual errors and/or obvious contradictions…mostly false.”

Mayorkas’s policies were criticized by an establishment news outlet. They had imported 1.5 million rent-boosting, wage-cutting migrants from the south border in 2021. These numbers will rise as Mayorkas reduces Title 42.

The Washington Post’s criticism might encourage D.C. editors to be more skeptical about Mayorkas’s promigration policies and claims.

Kessler pointed out that Mayorkas’s “promptly promise” has been broken by more than a million illegals:

Mayorkas gave the impression that the United States is a well-oiled machine. Noncitizens who have illegally entered the country are allowed to appear in court. If they lose, they are promptly deported. The reality is quite different. Some nationalities, like the Mexicans, are more likely to be deported. Others are not.

More than 1,000,000 people have been deported for entering the country without proper documentation. Others have vanished — an issue that could have become worse as thousands of undocumented immigrants are allowed to enter the country every month.

At least 1 million migrants have been deported by judges. There are also at least 11 millions more who are in hiding or hiding from the federal government.

Mayorkas’ deceit goes beyond his use of promptly.

Kessler, for example, did not mention Mayorkas’ efforts to transform the U.S. Immigration system from a protection guard for American families into an aid program that helps poor and unlucky foreigners.

This post-American progressive policy helps to accelerate the pro-investor Extraction Migration economic strategy. This policy allows foreign workers and consumers to be incorporated into the American economy through legal, quasi-legal and illegal channels.

Since 1990, America’s society and economy has been drastically altered by this colonialism-like extractive policy. Inflation aside, the median wage has barely risen while the stock market has grown at minimum tenfold.

Kessler allowed himself to be misled when he posted a misleading statement from Mayorkas’s agency.

According to the statement, DHS and Justice Department issued a new regulation in March that “concludes certain asylum cases in months rather than years.” This means that people deemed ineligible can be removed from their homes faster.

Senator Robert Portman (R.OH), rebutted Mayorkas’s claim of a quick-track asylum process on May 4.

Portman: …. Portman: “Should we be removing people who are not eligible [for asylum]?”

Secretary Mayorkas says that we should be able remove people who have filed a claim for relief and who were heard by an immigration court. The immigration court denied the claim. These individuals don’t have the legal right to remain in the United States. They should be removed.

Portman: However, you and your administration have a policy to not do that. That’s the point.

Secretary Mayorkas

Portman: We’ll talk about that later. However, the asylum officer rule states that you will be adjudged if you cross the border. If the adjudication states that you are not eligible because you’re an economically refugee, you can appeal this decision to the regular immigration judge.

Mayorkas, for example, repeated the “promptly” claim at a Senate hearing on May 4 with GOP and Democrat legislators.

Title 42 will be lifted and non-citizens processed according to Title 8. This provides that those who cross the border in violation of law and cannot establish legal grounds to stay in the United States are immediately removed.

Many GOP Senators responded that they don’t trust Mayorkas and do not believe his statements.

“People in my state don’t believe that the border is under control,” stated Sen. Rick Scott (R.FL). “I don’t believe you’re doing anything to secure the border. … I don’t believe there’s any doubt you aren’t enforcing law.”

“When you claim that we have operational command of the border,” is that disinformation? Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R.W.Va.), the GOP leader on the Senate’s homeland defense and appropriations committee asked. She added, “We don’t believe that it is true.”

The D.C. establishment has taken tens of million of illegal migrants and visa workers from low-income countries since at least 1990 to serve as legal or temporary workers, workers, consumers, renters, and investors for various US CEOs and shareholders.

The economic strategy of Extraction Migration is unstoppable. It’s a brutal strategy for ordinary Americans, as it reduces their career opportunities, lowers their wages and housing costs, and has pushed at least ten millions of American men out the labor market.

Because employers can use stoop labor rather than machines, extraction migration can also cause distortions in the economy and reduce Americans’ productivity. Also, migration reduces the political power of voters, weakens workers’ rights at work, and widens regional wealth gaps between the Democrats and the Republicans’ Heartland states and the southern states.

A society built on the extraction of migration alienates young people, and it radicalizes America’s democratic, compromise-promoting civic culture. This is because wealthy elites can ignore the despairing Americans at bottom of society.

There are many excuses for the policy, including the claim that the U.S. “Nation of Immigrants” and that Americans have a moral obligation to accept refugees from other countries. The economic strategy kills many migrants and exploits the poor, splitting families, and takes human resources from the countries that are less fortunate.

Progressives support the economic policy. They want to transform America from a democracy of European origin into a progressive-led empire with competing identities. Rep. Rohit Khanna, a Democratic Representative from California, stated to the New York Times that “We are trying to be the first multiracial and multi-ethnic superpower of the world.” “It will prove to be an extraordinary achievement…we will triumph.”

According to multiple polls, wealth-shifting extractive migration policies are not popular. According to polls, there is widespread opposition to labor migration and the inflow foreign workers into jobs that are sought after by U.S. students.