Watch Kevin Spacey Tearfully Reveal ‘Millions’ in Crushing Legal Debt


Kevin Spacey appeared on Piers Morgan’s show this week, where he tearfully discussed his “millions” in legal debts stemming from fighting #MeToo allegations and accusations of sexual assault.

Spacey’s career has taken an abysmal plunge after a series of explosive allegations following the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Seven years after winning the Academy Award, the actor won multiple court battles.

Spacey was interviewed by British broadcaster Chris Cuomo, whom he met during a public tour last month. Spacey hoped that the interview would help rehabilitate his tarnished image.

Spacey wept as he revealed that his Baltimore house would be sold this week. “I’ll have to return to Baltimore to store my belongings. I don’t know where I will live. I have lived in Baltimore ever since House of Cards began filming there.”

Spacey claimed he would lose his house because he could not pay “the bills I owe,” amounting to “millions” of dollars in legal debt.

In the same interview, Spacey admitted to having touched someone against their will. The documentary “Spacey Unmasked” details the allegations against him.

Hollywood stars Sharon Stone and Liam Neeson have supported Spacey’s efforts to rehabilitate his image. They have publicly asked that Spacey be allowed to return to the spotlight.

Stone told The Telegraph that she couldn’t wait for Kevin to work again. “He was elegant, funny, and generous. His knowledge of his craft is greater than many others.”

She added, “It was terrible that they blamed the man because they could not accept that they had used him.”

Liam Neeson said, “I am also deeply saddened by these allegations. Kevin is a man of integrity, humor, and sensibility.”

Neeson added, “He’s also one of the best screenwriters and actors in the country. I believe that our industry desperately needs him, and he will be missed.”