Waukesha Christmas Parade Massacre Suspect Darrell Brooks Terrorizes His Victims in Courtroom


Darrell Brooks, a black supremacist who is also a legacy criminal, allegedly murdered approximately 67 whites during a Christmas parade. In court, he ridicules survivors.

Brooks represents himself in court. Brooks is allowed to cross-examine witnesses.

Brooks is charged with six deaths in the worst domestic terror attack in U.S. History in 2021. Brooks was alleged to have killed one child under six years old and five elderly people.

Joshua Kraner was the latest courtroom drama. He testified about the violence he saw and the injuries he sustained in the attack on Christmas Parade.

Brooks posed the question. Brooks replied. You don’t remember much about that event.

Brooks was refused access to the courtroom because he had raised many objections. Brooks was told by Judge Jennifer Dorow to stop, and he remained silent.

Judge Dorow told Brooks that Brooks didn’t know who the witness was. Judge Dorow told Brooks that the witness didn’t identify him.

Judge Dorow also told Brooks to stop arguing after Brooks had overruled his objections.

Judge Dorow told Brooks that “Ignorance for the law could not be used as a defense. ”

Brooks claimed he was a sovereign citizen. He asked for “subject-matter jurisdiction” from the court. Brooks’ request was denied by the judge.

Brooks, who seems to be playing “crazy”, added: “There are so countless things that have yet been even proven, including that the plaintiff was not an entity but a human being.”

John Chisolm was the commie District attorney. He knew that his catch-and-release strategy for legacy criminals like Darrel Brooks would result in deaths. He said that this would not invalidate the overall approach.

Brooks, who had called for violence against whites via social media, was taken out of the courtroom following strange behavior. Brooks even removed his shirt as the names of the victims were read aloud.

You can see some of Brooks’ antics and testimony below