We Knew Joe Biden Was a Big Liar, but This Is Ridiculous


Although Politicians are known for lying, Old Joe Biden has a solid track record in politics. Biden makes Josef Goebbels look sincere. However, his track record in politics is quite clear. He appeared at the Delaware Veteran’s Summit on Friday. Biden told so many lies about his family, career, and health that even conservative “fact-checkers,” would have collapsed from exhaustion.

Biden claimed his father asked him for a Purple Heart to honor his uncle Frank when he was elected vice president in 2008. He didn’t feel well because of the Battle of the Bulge. He didn’t get it. He was never given it.

He was glad to show his uncle the respect he deserved. Our family was there. Grab your handkerchief. Biden said, “Uncle Frank. This is what you won.” “And …’.? He said, “Uncle Frank. You won this.” Biden laughed, and the crowd laughed back. I asked him, “What’s your problem, Uncle Frank?” I asked, “What’s the problem, Uncle Frank?”

However, Uncle Frank Biden was a great person, right? Frank Biden died in 1999, and Joe Biden Sr. died in 2002. The putative President claims that this occurred in 2008. This hinges on Vice President Joe being in a position to pull strings to get his uncle the Purple Heart. Maybe it never happened.

According to the New York Post, Frank Biden is not on the list of Purple Heart recipients. Frank died without any mention of the honor in his obituary. “Sir, don’t pin that on! Please, sir. That’s what he did. He died. Biden stated, “This truth comes from God.” ” Biden’s word.

No. The Washington Post is a well-known Leftist propagandist. Interviews conducted with more than a dozen U.S. soldiers and their commanders and Biden campaign officials revealed that the former vice president has combined elements of at least three events into one story about courage, compassion, and regret that never happened.

The Frank Biden story wasn’t Old Joe’s only lie on Friday. He also claimed, “And, you know, I think that there’s a — I’ve been in and out — not as a, obviously, combatant — but in and out of Afghanistan and Iraq and these areas 38, 39 times as — not as President, only twice as President, but from the time I was a senator, but particularly when I was Vice President.” This was a slight rollback of his claim during his State of the Union address: “I’ve been in and out of Iraq and Afghanistan over 40 times.” In 2019, he said, I’ve been in and out of Afghanistan and Iraq over 30 times.” According to the Washington Post, “his campaign later clarified that the correct number is 21.” Also, he has never visited Afghanistan or Iraq as president.

Joe Biden has a reputation for being unprincipled and untrustworthy, and it is causing irreversible damage to the United States.