Weiner Goes Off the Rails When Questioned About Clinton Associate ‘Suicide’ Epidemic


A clip shows Anthony Weiner being asked about the suicide crisis among Clinton associates (a Clinton proxy for many years and the nominal husband of Hillary confidante Huma Abedin), which is relevant in light of the recent mysterious death of Obama’s chef.

Patrick Bet-David, a radio host, reads a list of 46 Clinton associates who have allegedly committed suicide or been murdered over the years.

Weiner dismisses immediately and predictably the accusations as “conspiracy theories” etc. Weiner refuses to discuss the issues at hand. He knows that, after swimming in elite circles of politics for many decades, there are details he would have been able to add.

As the segment progresses, his demeanor becomes increasingly erratic as he attacks PBD’s credibility and calls the source “insane.” Then he tries to position himself as a protector of the names of dead people as if PBD was maligning their reputation by speculating on the cause of death. This is a truly 19-minute show.

I think you protest too much Sir Weiner.

PDB points out that Weiner’s reaction is the exact type of response that feeds speculation about the Clinton Inc. death toll of aides, business partners, etc. PBD responds, “Your response is an answer.”

Weiner’s reaction only encourages the viewer to dig deeper into the mystery. Had Weiner reacted calmer, he would not have thought about the episode again after the podcast.

The Streisand Effect is a well-documented phenomenon. Britannica defines it as “a phenomenon in which attempts to censor or hide something only serve to draw more attention to that thing.” It was named after a 2003 lawsuit filed by actress Barbara Streisand against a photographer, to remove a legally acquired photograph of her property from the internet. Streisand’s lawsuit actually had the opposite effect of what she intended, attracting exponentially more attention to the photograph once it was published in the media.

The Streisand Effect, however, is compounded by a modern corporate state censorship system that seeks out certain topics as off-limits, even if they are not mere idle speculations on a radio program — such as COVID vaccine effectiveness (or lack thereof), climate skepticism and suspected criminality of protected members of Deep State, like the Clintons and Obama.