What Is Democrat NV Gov Sisolak’s Very Expensive Campaign About?


In the race for Nevada’s Governor, incumbent Democrat Steve Sisolak and Republican challenger Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo are fiercely contested. With $28million slated for future advertising reservations,

Lombardo leads in the polls. Trafalgar Group released data this week that showed he is leading by three points. Sisolak has run a tough campaign with an indiscernible central theme.


Sisolak’s campaign must deal with the Northshore scandal. Sisolak secured COVID testing contracts through political connections. Sisolak was found to have missed 96 percent of positive cases in this scandal. A federal investigation into the Northshore scandal is ongoing.

The Nevada Independent reports:

The state’s public-health officials eventually discovered that Northshore’s DNA PCR tests failed in 96% of the positive cases found on campus. These errors resulted in people with COVID-19 being reintroduced to the community. However, neither the state nor county health officials reported the results to the public.

ProPublica found that Northshore used political connections to obtain five testing agreements with state governments and accelerate its state laboratory license application.

Lombardo’s campaign released a commercial that addressed the Northshore scandal and claims that Sisolak’s wife was a contract recipient while Sisolak served as governor.

Last year, the Governor was found to be responsible for a fatal car accident. Kathy, his wife, refused to dispose of the garbage during police investigations.

Earlier this month, a politically-motivated homicide of Las Vegas investigative journalist Jeff German took place, and the accused murderer is a sitting Democrat public official, Robert Telles. Telles had been appointed by Sisoalk to a state board, which he was removed from quietly in the days that followed his arrest. Telles is still an elected county official. In a piece entitled, Democrat NV Gov Steve Sisolak Appointed Accused murderer Robert Telles to State Board


Sisolak was known for his double-down during the Dobbs era. However, it makes no sense to Nevadans who understand that the Governor’s Office has no connection to abortion. The ballot will include any statutory changes. Although Sisolak is known to double down during the Dobbs era, it doesn’t make sense to Nevadans who know that the Governor’s office has no connection with abortion.

The Stronger Nevada Pac released an advertisement clarifying misleading rhetoric about abortion in Nevada.


Sisolak’s campaign also emphasizes other themes. Sisolak often links himself to local sports teams and has tweeted that Las Vegas is the “sports capital”. It is odd to see Sisolak riding the coattails of sports franchises in his campaign. It is counterproductive to politicize fans. I do however look forward to receiving disclosures of in-kind donations from franchises.


He also acted outraged at the effect that Nevada’s 15.6 percent inflation has had upon the price of bacon in other ads. It is obvious that it is the bacon-makers who are to blame here.

The campaign video appears to have been taken from his Youtube channel. However, the about page still suggests he isn’t the Governor… Hats off to the detail-oriented multimillion-dollar campaign team! ”


Sisolak claims there won’t be any new taxes. However, his track record does not support this claim. Sisolak suggested in his previous campaign that Nevadans should pay higher property taxes.

Democrats kept their promise. A property tax cap bill was introduced in the last legislative session. My public objection was published in the linked article.

Brittany Sheehan called to say that she doesn’t think the state government or Nevada’s schools need additional funding.

Sheehan said that schools did less for students in the last year than at any other time in their lives. The state also received $4.5 billion in COVID relief. This is not appropriate at the moment, and I don’t think it is.

Sisolak is not primarily concerned with property taxes. In 2019, he signed two bills, SB 551 and SB 542, which were passed into law. These bills increased taxes that were later declared illegally collected by Republican legislators.

The story of how the bill was approved is complex. It began in 2020’s Special Session to balance the $1.2 billion state budget deficit that resulted from Governor Sisoalk’s economic-debilitating shutdowns. The shutdowns of Sisoalk caused the Allegiant Stadium bond payments to be paid out of a county debt reserve fund. This was in addition to the taxation amnesia and sports fanaticism.


Sisolak ran for Nevada to become a pro-union state. However, he doesn’t mention Nevada as a Right Work State. His indiscretions about Nevada’s abortion law to voters are the same.

Sisolak spent Sunday in the state’s largest union Culinary Union Local 226. Sisolak was singing and fist-pumping while pretending to be Jimmy Hoffa. But back in reality, reports have emerged that over 10,000 Culinary Union members are still unemployed two years after Sisolak’s forced-unemployment executive order.

Notable: It is unknown why rank-and-file employees wear masks. These mandates are not in place for the state, and the Governor did not appear to be wearing one.

Other reports claim that members of the Culinary Union were given favoritism under pandemic unemployment programs.

Former acting chief of the Nevada Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation (DETR) says that he blames Scott for the slow response of the state to the flood of unemployment claims during the pandemic. He believes that headlines and political concerns played a major role in the crisis response.

Dennis Perea was the acting director of DETR for 14 years. He resigned abruptly in July 2020. Perea didn’t provide any explanation. He said the decision was “a loss of a thousand cuts” and that Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak’s office and staff, which are more focused on campaign experience and state-level government experience prioritized special interest groups such as the Culinary Union.

General Pandering

Sisolak does everything from holding kittens to taking photos with children in the campaign. ” Do you? ”

Sisolak was recently the guest of honor at a church for black congregations. Sisolak stated that he was disappointed at the court’s decision not to overturn his order about church capacity.

Sisolak was disappointed that President Joe Biden had blocked him from trying to force-vaccinate private businesses.

Nevada broke the all-time unemployment rate record with a single stroke of Sisolak’s pen. Our national gas prices are third highest, we rank 49th in education, and our rent increases were the second-highest. Nevada was also second for economic responses to the pandemic. It closed 95,000 small businesses. Our students are suffering major educational setbacks due to a dysfunctional school system. Sisolak clearly maps out all of this suffering.

I can talk about Sisolak’s main themes but I cannot answer the question about Sisolak’s campaign. Sisolak’s campaign has nothing to do with anything.