What is Going on With Democrat Political Wives?


I believe in marriage, and that wives and husbands should support each other’s dreams. Democrat wives, however, are on a different level.

Hillary Clinton was seen with her husband’s dog after the Monica Lewinsky scandal. It was at this point that I first noticed it. Hillary Clinton was seen with her husband’s dog.

Hillary Clinton, a well-known shrew, and source of many suspicious suicides in contemporary history stayed. Therefore, she remained in her marriage.

A number of high-profile Democrat politicians committed bizarre indiscretions during the aughts.

2004 was the year of the New Jersey Governor. James McGreevey was forced to resign after admitting to an extramarital affair. The incident was later described in the memoir of the father-of-two. However, all media outlets praised McGreevey’s second wife for supporting him during his resignation speech.

New Yorkers were stunned by Gov. Spitzer’s abrupt resignation in 2008 shocked New Yorkers. This is shocking, considering he was New York’s Attorney General before he became governor.

Gross right? Silda, his wife, was there to support him as he announced his resignation. After that, he remained with her for many years before she divorced the perv in 2013.

“I’m deeply saddened by this turn of events and my thoughts are with Governor Spitzer’s family during this painful time,” said then-carpetbagger N.Y. Sen. Hillary Clinton. She was running for president at the time and was probably not thrilled with the parallels to her own dysfunctional marriage.

This is a disturbing new version of the Democrat Political Widow. She models modern motherhood but boasts academic and professional accomplishments that are appropriate while not being overshadowed or overshadowed.

The Democrat Political Wife is a combination of caretaker, minder, and a team player above all. She has the skills and knowledge to manage her husband during public appearances.

Conservatives and some Democrats have watched with horror as Joe Biden, the rapidly failing “President”, is supported by the Democrat party. But, what’s most troubling? His wife. The most concerning thing about his wife is that she chose to be a doctor instead of prioritizing her husband’s health. Jill Biden is party-uber-everything. She will continue to do her part in preserving the charade by speaking at elite events and traveling.

Gisele Fetterman is now the second First Lady. He struggles to continue campaigning. Matt Margolis of PJ Media has covered the story.

What is most troubling about Hillary, Jill, and Gisele? The way they pretend to be models for good wives.

They will remain husband candidates to the Globalist/Socialist collective. It should not surprise us that half the Americans support it.