What to Know About Texas Cyclist Shooting Suspect’s Sister, Christie Armstrong


LIVINGSTON MANOR (N.Y. ) Kaitlin is the suspect in a Texas Love-Triangle Shooting in Austin, Texas last month. She is 34 years old and has been linked to a New York campsite where her sister is listed on the worker’s list.

Public records show that Christie Armstrong, 31, has listed Camp Haven, Livingston Manor, as an address. She is also listed on the website.

They were raised together in Livonia, Michigan. An ex-classmate said that their older sister was an accomplished runner and had moved to Texas and California together before Christie Armstrong moved from New York. Camp Haven, a “sustainable retreat” about two hours from New York City, lists her as part of its communications team.

Fox News received Wednesday’s information from a man at the campsite that Christie Armstrong had been staying there for a while. He said that he visited her sister around a month prior to the whole thing blowing up.

The camp, in Sullivan County, New York, is about 2 hours and 20 minutes away from two major airports where the U.S. Marshals say Kaitlin Armstrong traveled after the shooting death of 25-year-old Moriah “Mo” Wilson, a romantic rival and professional cyclist who suffered fatal gunshot wounds on May 11 after she’d gone out to dinner with Armstrong’s 35-year-old boyfriend, Colin Strickland, another pro rider. She has been the subject of a murder warrant and nationwide manhunt since roughly a week later.

Christie Armstrong’s social media pages are full of posts about wellness. She describes herself as a former banker/marketing specialist. Wednesday’s caller, a woman, stated that she was not authorized to speak with the media. Armstrong didn’t answer.

I visited the camp on Thursday. Barrels blocked the road and closed the front gate. Also visible was a handwritten sign that said “no trespassing”.

Marshals confirmed they knew the location but were unable to confirm Kaitlin Armstrong had been there.

Jason Jensen from Utah, a private investigator, suggested that Kaitlin could be using her sister’s identity to escape while on the run. He stated that Kaitlin was last seen in New Jersey the day after her sister got a New York driver’s license.

Instagram photos show striking similarities between the sisters. It appears that they were very close.

The U.S. claims that the suspected killer had taken off from Newark Liberty International Airport on May 18th. According to the U.S. Marshals, she didn’t board the flight using her own name.

“She’s now Christine Armstrong from New York instead of Kaitlin Armstrong from Texas,” Jensen said. “That’s my professional opinion.”

Mon May 14, days before she was spotted at Newark, Marshals said Kaitlin Armstrong arrived at LaGuardia International Airport on a flight from Houston, Texas.