What’s Joe Going to Do Now? Gas Prices Projected to Go up Again


Joe Biden attempted to blame “Putin”‘s price rise for gas prices skyrocketing, reaching their highest levels this summer. He claimed that it was because Vladimir Putin had ordered Russia to invade Ukraine. This was a complete lie, as gas prices have been rising since Biden’s inception, well before the invasion. Joe Biden didn’t let that stop him, it wasn’t his fault. He didn’t realize that blaming Putin made Biden look even weaker. It was as if Putin could dictate American prices, and Biden was at his mercy.

The Biden team began to take credit for the drop in gas prices, even though it was much higher than before Biden became president. He refused to accept the blame when prices were rising, but he was willing to take credit when they fell. Biden accused gas companies of price gouging and blamed them for their high prices instead of stopping the attacks on the energy industry. Biden couldn’t explain to him why they were “gouging” but not President Donald Trump. He then began to steal from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in an effort not to raise prices going into the election. He begged the Saudis for a delay in implementing a production cut to ensure it would not have any effect after the election. The Republicans won the House and prices are rising in certain areas now that the swiping has ended.

Listen to Biden trying to convince you that, even though prices are higher than they were when he took office, he is still saving you “hundreds upon dollars per month.”

It’s like being given credit for slowing down the flames you started.

What is Biden’s plan now that prices are rising again because he didn’t change his harmful policies in order to deal with the situation?

According to Patrick De Haan, Gas Buddy predicts that the 2022 national average for gasoline will be $3.95 per gallon. This is the highest annual average ever recorded. However, prices could rise as high as $4 once we reach spring. The demand will increase as the weather improves. Gas Buddy stated that they projected it would drop when demand falls later in the year. However, that will depend on many variables such as the recession.

“2023 will not be an easy road for motorists. It could prove costly. It could be expensive. The national average could exceed $4 per gallon as early May, and that’s something that could endure through most of the summer driving season,” Patrick De Haan from GasBuddy, who is responsible for petroleum analysis.

“Basically, there are curveballs coming from all directions. He said that extreme volatility is still possible but should be slightly lessened in the coming year. “I don’t believe we have ever seen this level of volatility before, and that trend will likely continue to increase uncertainty about fuel prices into 2023.”

California is most likely to suffer the worst. It could see $7 gas prices if more problems arise and refineries are having trouble complying with California’s regulations.

What happens if there is a real emergency? Joe Biden has seriously depleted our emergency supplies. It is at its lowest level in 40 years.

Biden’s actions have jeopardized national security. He can no longer steal from savings accounts to artificially lower prices. If something really bad happens, he’s in trouble.