White House Crowd Laughs After Barack Obama Refers To Joe Biden As Vice President


    After referring to President Joe Biden on Tuesday as the “vice-president”, former President Barack Obama caused laughter.

    Before taking the podium, Vice President Kamala Harris introduced the former president. “Vice President Biden. Vice president …”” he said, as the crowd began to laugh.

    Obama later claimed it was all a joke and went over to Biden and gave him a friendly hug before returning his correct titles. “Joe Biden. Obama continued his speech with a serious tone.

    Former President recounted his efforts to pass Obamacare, even though it was extremely unpopular among Americans. Obama stated that there was “a lot of misinformation floating around”. Biden also cracked a joke when he took the podium.

    After taking the podium, he stated: “My name’s Joe Biden, and I’m Barack Obama’s Vice President.” He said that Obama’s return at the White House recalled a lot of fond memories. He said, “Feels like good ‘ol times.”