WHO Could Decide if You Get Medicine, When You Travel, and What You Write on Social Media


My conspiracy theory friends, a tip of the tinfoil. You’re right again.

Tucker Carlson reported a story Thursday about the “Global Pandemic Treaty” that all Americans should understand.

In January, the Biden administration proposed a number of amendments to the International Health Regulations (the IHR). The Biden administration’s proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (the IHR) will now be combined with others to create a global pandemic treaty. “We need a pandemic treaty.” This treaty will be adopted at the World Health Assembly in Geneva this weekend.

Although the text of the treaty’s full text is still not complete, a W.H.O. has been created. A working group has summarized the contents of the treaty. The document starts by promising to limit the W.H.O’s authority to pandemics. It’s not pandemics, calm down: “W.H.O. The Secretariat will play the leading, organizing, and coordinating role in emergency response to a pandemic.

The WHO is looking for:

Total control over the pandemic response in the world

To distribute medicine on the basis of “equity”

To censor all “disinformation” not in agreement with their statements

Have real-time information about when/where YOU travel. You know, for the “health security of the world, comrade”

This means that unelected officials from other nations will be able to exert a tremendous amount of influence over Americans. It is not clear who is accountable. This is what I call “communism”. Can it really happen? Get ready.

Fascinating facts

Trump took the U.S. out of the WHO. Gropey Joe brought them back in

The WHO was lying and providing cover for China during the “pandemic.” China claimed that COVID could not be transmitted from one person to another. This lie was supported by the WHO. WHO provided coverage for China regarding the origins and spread of the Hong Kong Fluey. Tedros Adhanom Gobreyesus, the WHO’s top man, congratulated China for its handling of the Bat Stew Flu.

Tedros was once from Ethiopia.

Lord Fauci has a friend named Tedros

All this links China, Fauci, and the WHO. Do you see the problem?

Ai Fen, a Chinese doctor, tried to warn the rest of the world about COVID. China made her disappear.

The WHO could have complete control over global emergency operations if this treaty is approved. The WHO would decide what “pandemic” is in the United States. It would not be our government that will control future pandemics.

This is just one example of the absurdity of the treaty.

Coordinated national and global actions to combat misinformation, stigmatization, and disinformation that threaten public health.

This is censorship for “public health reasons.”

WHO would be able to implement proactive countermeasures against misinformation and social media attacks? As Twitter and Facebook already do, you know this.

Foreign agents will determine who gets medicine and vaccines if this treaty is approved.

The treaty

Access to essential supplies, vaccines, diagnostics, and therapeutic drugs is available in an equitable and efficient manner.

The most vulnerable and those working in health care receive medicine first.

Most vulnerable? Who decides who is most vulnerable? That’s WHO.

However, this power would not be used to prevent a medicine from reaching “certain groups”.

Wrong. The CDC believes that minorities should be vaccinated first. 25 states agree with this. Imagine this kind of equity racism being applied globally.

WHO will be able to “develop standards for producing a virtual version of the International Certificate of Vaccination and Prophylaxis.” This could mean that the New World Order, which the “tinfoil wackjobs,” have been warning about, could become a reality.