Whoopi Goldberg Doubles Down on Antisemitic Statements


Never underestimate the power of a leftist’s ability to make a mistake and then double down. Today’s example: comedian-turned-actress-turned-TV-host Whoopi Goldberg.

The Oscar-winning cohost of The View made antisemitic comments about the Holocaust in January. This led to ABC suspending her. Goldberg called January’s Holocaust “white-on-white violence” and “man’s inhumanity toward man”.

Goldberg apologized for a commercial in the same episode.

She stated, “I said the Holocaust wasn’t about race, but about man’s inhumanity toward man.” It was not about race, because Hitler and the Nazis thought Jews were inferior. “Words are important, and mine were not the only ones that matter. Hitler and the Nazis considered Jews inferior races. ”

But it was too late. Viewers and critics called for Goldberg’s firing by ABC. After the suspension lasted less than a week, the controversy was over.

Goldberg decided to go deeper nearly one year later. In a new interview, she reiterated her January antisemitism.

What was most remarkable about Goldberg’s escape from antisemitism? Janice Turner, the interviewer, notes that “On a list of topics I’m prohibited to raise, The View is highlighted in red.” But, it seems like no one has told Whoopi.

Turner asked about a British documentary and book that questioned Goldberg’s claim of the Holocaust not being about Nazis treating Jews like a race.

Goldberg insists that it wasn’t at first.

Goldberg stated, “It is easy for people to compare being Jewish with being black.”

Goldberg said that they did the exact same thing to black people after Turner pointed out that the Nazis had measured Jewish faces. However, this doesn’t change the fact that I couldn’t tell the difference.

Turner concluded that Goldberg views these issues through an American lens. He believes that America’s racial politics, defined by slavery and Civil War, are the only way to experience race.

A journalist points out that it is possible to be about any leftist.

Turner said, “Also honestly, Whoopi doesn’t seem to be able to work out all her points and has an unfashionable tendency to think aloud on hot topic live TV. ”

This assessment is as truthful and accurate as possible. This does not excuse Goldberg for her antisemitic remarks. However, she should conduct her research before commenting on the Holocaust.