Whoopi Has Meltdown Over Ron DeSantis Running for President


Whoopi Goldberg unleashed a rage on Twitter due to Ron DeSantis’s announcement.

Via Mediaite:

The View’s Whoopi Goldberg expressed skepticism about Ron DeSantis (R-FL), who reported that he planned to run for President in 2024 in a Twitter Spaces Event.

Goldberg admitted to being “old”, and she was behind the times. She also argued that DeSantis would have made the announcement on television.”

“I don’t understand. I didn’t understand what he said …. Goldberg shouted at the camera: “This idea of an announcement via Twitter… Do that on TV, okay?” The menopausal crowd enthusiastically applauded. “I want to see you do it live on TV.”

Goldberg continued, “I want you to take real American questions,” apparently mistaking a campaign announcement for a Q&A town hall format.

She then shifted to a bizarre Charles Manson fantasy about race war, asking rhetorically Why DeSantis dislikes people of color and then abruptly switching to an obscure gay riot in 1975: “I do not want to hate you. You don’t explain why you hate people of color, so I’m not sure what to say. What’s wrong with American history? What’s wrong with gay people? Anita Bryant was the one who did all this in 1975. Gay people rose up to fight for their rights. That’s what’s coming, man! It’s coming, it’s coming. It’s not a danger.”

Ironically, it’s hard for me to understand the woman’s criticism. It’s amazing that she can get dressed in the morning. The entire rant was reminiscent of someone who is in a nursing facility and believes that the minority staff is stealing all her valuables.

They don’t know what the internet is, how it works, or why it will replace dinosaur media such as ABC which sponsors The View. They only know that the world is changing, and in ways they cannot understand. For example, why a presidential candidate would go to Twitter rather than one of the dying media outlets where they work to announce his campaign?

Whoopi’s latest tirade was not the first time she made an unintelligible anti-DeSantis rant on air. In March, she complained that the candidate wasn’t prepared to lead America due to something… something… Diversity: “There will be things that come up that can’t be hidden, that you cannot fix,” she said. “Dude, you are not ready for America.” You are not yet ready for America. You haven’t yet learned that America is a diverse country! You can run, but I won’t vote for you.”