Why Isn’t Obesity Declared A Public Health Emergency?


The Biden administration seems to be open to considering any Public Health problem as an emergency. This includes COVID, monkeypox, and poor access to abortion.

Team Brandon is so committed to the permanent crisis paradigm that they continue to work even after the emergency has been declared over.

Although President Joe Biden claimed that the “pandemic” is over, the administration has extended the public health emergency to indicate it does not believe the U.S. is out of the woods yet.

Kathy Hochul, New York Governor, declared gun violence a “Public Health Crisis.” You can turn in your guns to stop this spread!

Safety first

One might ask, “Why not declare obesity a national Public Health emergency?”

The CDC, the highest echelon of Public Health, acknowledges the dangers associated with obesity.

Obesity, which affects 42.4% of U.S. adults, is a common metabolic condition.

Nearly half of Americans are obese.

An alarming 78% of COVID-related deaths were in obese and overweight patients. Worldwide, COVID has claimed the lives of millions of people. This should be considered a routine coronavirus infection similar to the common cold. COVID deaths are correlated with obesity.

Fauci and other biomedical experts, however, want to discuss pharmaceutical prophylactics. They don’t want to discuss obesity, lack of exercise, or vitamin D.

They don’t endorse all anti-COVID pharmaceuticals, but only the patented Paxlovid and mRNA vaccines. They aren’t particularly interested in ivermectin, which is on WHO’s essential medicine list and whose inventor was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

It is amazing. At the risk that they are misunderstood, anyone who observes the Public Health, high priests’ generosity and altruism may be forgiven if they suspect ulterior motives.

We then return to our original question: Why is obesity declared a Public Health emergency? Answer: The goal of declaring an emergency in public health is not to improve actual public health. Without fail, there is an ulterior motive. It could be profiteering, social control, or both.

What benefit would it have to actually reduce obesity for multinational corporations that control public policy? Big food would not sell as many Mountain Dew or Cheetos. Big pharma/healthcare providers would not make as much profit. The ability to comprehend that their government is actually there to keep them sick and sad might increase. This would be good news for the oligarchy.

The power structure is not motivated to combat obesity.