Why Summer Safety in Sweden Hides a Chilling Truth No One Wants to Confront


The recent developments in Britain, France, and other European countries are a clear indication of what European countries did to themselves. However, the full impact won’t be felt for several decades. There are still hints that those paying attention can’t miss about what is happening and what will happen. Few pay attention, so this whole ghastly story will be played to its inevitable conclusion. Take, for instance, an interesting and informative news item about Sweden: Crime rates drop in the summertime. Why?

According to police, Fria Tider, a Swedish-language newspaper, reported on Tuesday, “In southern Sweden, it becomes quieter during the summer months when criminals travel to their homelands.”

You read it right, the majority of criminals in Sweden take their vacations to their home countries, making their refuges safer and more peaceful for the local population. Mats Karlsson is the head of intelligence in the police of the southern region of Sweden. He explained that “some of them who are from other countries go there during the summer.” We notice there is a huge difference in the areas where we are most vulnerable. “In the second year, when they’re still in Sweden they get messier.”

Wait a moment. Many of these migrants are asylum seekers or refugees. Why are they taking vacations in the countries that they fled to save their lives?

Who pays for these holidays, when migrants receive “65 percent” of social welfare expenditures? The Swedish taxpayers. Why?

It is estimated that 53 percent of those with long prison terms and 58 percent are unemployed are foreign-born. In addition, “77 percent” of Sweden’s poverty among children comes from households with an immigrant background.

The Swedish elites continue to ignore that migrants want to remake Sweden and Europe in their image. Their contempt for unbelievers’ laws, which the Qur’an calls “the vilest created beings”, is one reason for their high criminal rate. Multiculturalists who exalt the presence of non-assimilated and foreign cultures in Western countries, which are perceived as umbrella structures that encompass a wide variety of peoples and cultures, can be added to the mix. This sets the stage for an appeasement policy and accommodation for the ideology of Islamic supremacism.

European elites believe that by allowing large numbers of Muslim immigrants to enter their country and making special accommodations and concessions for Islamic culture, Europe can achieve a new flowering of its cultural heritage. But they have not considered the nature of political Islam which, when dominant, is not hospitable towards rival political systems and cultures.

In Europe, cultural appeasement is the norm. In Europe, the old model of assimilation and adoption of customs and mores in a new country by immigrants has been replaced with a multiculturalist approach that allows immigrants to maintain their cultural practices and habits.

Multiculturalism accommodation in the case of Islam is shortsighted and equates to cultural suicide. This accommodation is hard to differentiate from appeasement, whether it is in intent or effect.

Demographic trends indicate that Sweden and other countries in Western Europe will become Islamized. Before long, America may find itself facing a world that is dramatically different and even more forbidding. The same process of Islamization is likely to occur here unless people can stop it. The Muslim population of the United States is much smaller than Western Europe. Even fewer are the Sharia supremacists and active Sharia supporters.

The same things that happened in Europe can easily happen in America. Sweden’s “refugees”, who are on vacation, and the lower crime rate that follows should serve as a warning. But it won’t.