Why This New Post-Supreme Court Poll Leak Should Terrify Democrats?


As Democrats consider their strategy for 2022, a new CNN poll will have them shaking in their boots. After the Supreme Court draft opinion was leaked, the poll showed that a majority of justices supported Roe v. Wade being repealed. This suggests that Democrats’ overwrought responses may not be as effective in moving the needle on Election Day.

The study was conducted between May 3 and 5, with 800 registered voters, which included about equal numbers of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. The study found that 42% of respondents would vote for the Democrat candidate if the election were to be held today. 49% favored the Republican nominee. This is a two-point drop for Democrats and a 4% gain for Republicans compared to the week before. Reports that Roe could be overturned will lead to the death of the Republican Party appear exaggerated.

34% of respondents said Roe should be rewritten completely — an increase of four points since January — while 66% said no, down three points. This suggests that there is increasing support for the controversial 1973 abortion decision. The number of people who said they would be happy if Roe was overturned has increased, while the number who felt “Angry” has fallen.

Respondents were asked if they would like state legislators to ban abortion entirely if Roe is overturned. The results were fairly even with 48% and 51% each saying yes (within the +/– 4.5 margin of error). 89% of respondents want their states to be “a safe haven” for women who want abortions, despite the support for Roe being overturned.

A poll showed that voters support a federal law to legalize abortion in all 50 states, 59-41. However, only 25% said they wouldn’t vote for a candidate who disagreed with them on abortion. The majority of voters believe that abortion is just one factor they consider when choosing who to vote for. A clear majority believe that Roe will not affect the right to interracial marital and contraception (66% and 63% respectively), while only 35% consider that a “couple’s rights to marry regardless of their gender are a secure right. (That may reflect the ambiguity of this question more than anything.

The latest episode of “It’s the Economy, stupid” shows that Democrats are losing in the poll on immigration (31-46) as well as the economy (31-46). Republicans are losing in the areas of abortion (32-44) and voting rights and electoral integrity (38-41 within the margins of error) and women’s rights (229-45).

A Gallup poll has found that only 1% of voters put these issues at the top, with 0.5% putting abortion and election reform. However, over 1/3 of voters ranked the economy as the top issue.

Many from both the right and left predict that Roe will be overturned by the high court, causing a disaster for Republicans in 2022. It may be true that it is, but this poll shows that a) most Americans don’t get too excited about the issue and b) voters still place a higher priority on social issues than economic issues — and the Democrats are a disaster for the economy.

Even if this resulted in massive Republican losses in the next elections, wouldn’t it have been worth it to save millions of babies from Planned Parenthood slaughterhouses? Although the Democrats were prepared to do a lot of work in 2010 in order to pass Obamacare, they are now in control over the House, Senate, and presidency a decade later. These losses are temporary and we sometimes have to be prepared to lose a few votes for the greater good. What could be better than ending the massacre of innocents?