Widow of Dwayne Haskins Alleges He Was Drugged in Blackmail Plot Prior to Fatal Highway Accident


Former NFL quarterback Dwayne Hakins’ widow claims that he was the victim of a blackmail scheme. He had been drugged before he walked down a Florida freeway and was struck by a dump truck.

When Haskins, a 24-year-old Steeler player, died in an accident on a Florida highway in April 2022, his friends and teammates mourned him. He had pulled over to the side of the road and abandoned his car in search of gasoline.

His widow claimed that he was the victim of a criminal scheme more than a year later in a lawsuit.

Kalabrya Haskins sued four people she claims drugged the quarterback “to blackmail and rob him causing him and/or contributing to cause him severe injury and death.”

A toxicology report showed that blood alcohol levels were far higher than the legal limit for Haskins’ body.

Rick Ellsley, the attorney who filed the lawsuit, stated that there were still many questions regarding his death.

Ellsley stated that Dwayne was believed to have been targeted and drugged in a conspiracy of blackmail and robbery. “In reality, his expensive watch was taken from him just before his death.”

Haskins was also named in the lawsuit as the driver of the dump truck that hit him.

Ellsley said that there are many questions about why Dwayne was not struck by the truck driver, given the high-visibility activity in the area prior to the impact and the fact the other drivers didn’t hit Dwayne.

He added that the truck driver’s phone records had not been released. “The report notes that the truck driver refused to give a blood sample at the scene to police and has not yet provided the results of the alcohol test.”

Two restaurants, a driving range, and a hotel are also named in the lawsuit for their alleged involvement with blackmail allegations.

Here’s a local report on the lawsuit: