Will AI Girlfriends Replace OnlyFans Working Girls?


It is possible that technology could make the OnlyFans hardworking women (who together made $3.86 trillion in 2021) into the digital breadline.

As technology improves, AI-driven female companionship would be almost certain to be more appealing, cost-effective, and engaging than an OnlyFans “girlfriend”.

  • An AI girlfriend can “go live” 24/7/365.
  • An AI girlfriend never gets old.
  • An AI girlfriend can be dressed in whatever manner most pleases the viewer.
  • An AI girlfriend never gets tired, distracted, or merely loses interest.
  • An AI girlfriend can be made to pay personal attention to you at all times of the day; with an OnlyFans model, you’re competing for attention with a sea of other customers, and you’ll only get it even briefly if you’re willing to shell out whatever the model’s fee for a 30-second personalized video message.
  • An AI girlfriend can be programmed to perform the viewer’s deepest, dirtiest, most potentially dangerous fantasies. An Only Fans Model presumably has limits to what she’s willing to do due to medical consequences or psychological trepidation associated with certain acts.

An incel would be infinitely more attracted to AI female companionship than an OnlyFans girl. Chris Williamson and his “incel researcher” guest explained that there is a catch. The inborn male drive to achieve higher social status through sexual selection is a problem. OnlyFans models are “parasocial” and men form relationships with them. They recognize them as human in a way that is not possible with AI.