Witness the Intensity of Drone Combat in Newly Leaked Footage


The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) conducted a raid on the West Bank in April. A camera captured intense drone combat. According to Emanuel Fabian of The Times of Israel, the military reporter, this was leaked.

The video shows how close this battle was and how drones could be used to find enemy troops, and even drop bombs.

The military operation was conducted in West Bank’s Nur Shams Camp from 18-20 April. The video started with the date of that period. The drone is seen flying in the camp. In an alleyway, it ran into a group of armed Palestinians who attempted to shoot at it. The drone managed to avoid being shot.

The Times of Israel reported that a second UAV was flown to better observe the armed group.

The controller of the drone then appears to have used zoom to ensure that the shooters were present. A bomb was then dropped by the drone onto the terrorists. Zooming in on the drone again showed that only one terrorist was left. The terrorist was killed by a second explosive.

After the IDF had bombed the area, the first drone was used to view the area from above. It appeared that all of the shooters were dead.

The Times of Israel reported that the IDF had killed at least 14 gunmen in the Nur Shams Camp. According to City population, more than 6,000 residents lived in Nur Shams during 2017.

Although there is no direct conflict between Israel and Hamas or other armed Palestinian groups in the West Bank these terrorists are still active from that area. The Times of Israel reported that the IDF had killed two high-level terrorists on November 29 in Jenin, which is a West Bank city. One of the terrorists was a senior member of Islamic Jihad.