Woman Nearly Gored To Death After Trying To Pet Bison In Yellowstone National Park


A video shared on social networks in May shows a bison nearly goring a tourist in Yellowstone National Park to death.

The video is credited to Russ Bjorn and shows a woman touching a bison on a path through the famous U.S. National Park. She was at the end of the group and, for some reason, thought it would be a good idea reach out to touch the huge wild animal.

The bison initially appeared to be about to pet her, but it then began to charge her. The woman is unable to tell if the bison nudged her or attacked her, but she flies backwards in an attempt to avoid being gored.

According to LiveScience, at least three bison have gored people in Yellowstone National Park from May 2022 through July 2022. The National Park Service reported that a woman suffered serious injuries after being gored by a bison and then thrown up to 10 feet in the air.

Instagram’s TouronsOfYellowstone posted several videos showing people getting too close to the giant beasts. In one video, a woman stood very close to a large bison. According to the video, she took selfies for about 10 minutes.

According to Newsweek, bison are to date responsible for the majority of animal-induced injuries in Yellowstone. In one of the captions, the owner of this Instagram account said: “It is only a question of time until a human takes flight!”