World Economic Forum Leader: Trump Represents ‘Death Blow’ to ‘Global Order’


Yuval Noah, the capo of the World Economic Forum, warned that Trump’s presidential candidacy would have serious implications for the global order. He made this warning during a podcast.

It is possible that Donald Trump’s re-election would be the death blow for the remaining global order. He says so openly. It should be obvious that these politicians present a false dichotomy. They portray a false binary worldview as if one must choose between patriotism or globalism. Or between loyalty to your country and loyalty to, I don’t remember, some sort of global government.

According to Harari, “loyalty to a country and loyalty to the global government or whatever” are mutually exclusive. Americans, and almost any other nation on Earth, do not tolerate dual loyalty between the United States, and another country. It’s why elected officials swear to uphold the U.S. Constitution rather than “defending the Constitution and the global governments or whatever.”

It is difficult to understand this kind of non-strategic statement because – let’s be fair – Yuval Noah is a highly intelligent ultra-nerd. He understands how to build and maintain a digital control grid. He spends his time inventing elaborate explanations and spreading them through corporate propaganda campaigns.

There is knowledge, intelligence, and skill there if you can put aside the moral degeneracy required to advocate enslaving humans to The Beast, and then replacing them with machines.

He would, therefore, know that declaring Trump a threat to “global order” will only make him more popular with the growing segment of American society that is against global technocracy, including Yuval Noah Harari.

I wish Trump was as determined to destroy the “global governments or whatever” that Harari fears. If Trump were half as evil as they make him out to be, perhaps we could move toward removing Harari and Co.