Would Gun Control Have Prevented Tuesday’s Tragedy in Uvalde?


Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas was the latest in a series of senseless tragedies that have involved guns and schools. What role did the government play?

Everyone wants to be a part of something. It’s the best way to end any tragic event. Registering guns is an inefficient, dangerous, and politically risky move.

Seizing guns from the mentally ill or preventing them from buying weapons is usually not an option. The problem has always been determining who is mentally ill and would pose a threat to themselves or society. The enforcement of those laws has been inconsistent and haphazard. A person shouldn’t lose their Second Amendment rights just because they have been prescribed medication for depression.

People with mental illnesses can still be productive citizens in society

Uvalde’s tragic passing could not have been prevented had Republicans supported gun registration. So why are left-wing politicians pretending that if only Republicans had supported gun registration, the tragedy could have been avoided?

Washington Post: House Majority leader Steny Hoyer (D.Md.). encapsulated the shock and anger felt by Democrats toward their Republican colleagues, also noting that legislation passed in the House last year had been languishing in the Senate.

“How many more times will Senate Republicans express outrage at horrific shootings like the one today in Uvalde, Texas, and then block meaningful, bipartisan background-check legislation supported by nine out of ten Americans and most responsible gun owners?” he said in a statement. “How many more times?”

Hoyer, the third-ranking Democrat, is committed to preventing school shootings by registering guns.

Hoyer is a d**k.

Ted Cruz was shocked when some Democratic legislators went into the sandbox and threw feces at their opponent. His Democratic colleagues paid a lot of attention to him.

Senator Ted Cruz (Republican, Texas) stated on Twitter that he was deeply disturbed and heartbroken. He stated that he was also praying for help from the community and that too many shootings had taken place.

Cruz’s furious critics retweeted angry, including Rep. Ruben Galego (D-Ariz.), which wrote: “Just to be clear f**k you @tedcruz you f**king baby killer.”

We should focus on tackling the problem of mental illness. There is very little help for the mentally ill and it is such an overlooked problem in America. We should not be surprised if someone with a mental illness grabs 21 people and shoots them because our country has nothing set in place to help them and we stopped institutionalizing the mentally ill.

Society is entitled to defend itself and hurting people’s feelings by putting them somewhere they can’t hurt other people may be unavoidable. But it may be the absolute minimum that can be done to protect us from those who, through no fault of their own, are incapable of restraining their impulse to commit violent acts.