Wray Caught Misleading Grassley on Video, House GOP Now Demanding Answers on His Plane Usage


In August, I wrote about Christopher Wray (FBI Director) saying that he couldn’t stay 21 minutes longer to answer questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee. He had a plane to catch. Sen. Chuck Grassley questioned Wray about that statement. Wray stated that he could not stay 21 minutes longer to answer questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans.

He wasn’t taking a private plane, and he wasn’t going to work. He was actually going to Saranac Lake, Adirondacks as a vacation home.

Wray replies “yes” when Grassley questions him about whether he has any other business while he is away on vacation.

It seems that Grassley was misled by him, flipping the bird and also doing so by doing so. I suspect Grassley will have a few words for Wray.

Wray is being pursued by the House GOP for his taxpayer-funded trip to his vacation home. Elise Stefanik (Republican -NY), James Comer, and Mike Turner (Republican -OH) sent a Monday letter demanding answers from Wray.

We are concerned that you will not be able to reimburse federal taxpayers for travel expenses on government aircraft. This is in light of the New York Post report that you left a Senate Hearing before you were due.

According to the Post, on August 4, 2022, you left a Senate Judiciary Committee oversight meeting to travel to Saranac Lake. This was done to give the remaining members time to ask questions and conduct oversight of FBI operations.

They acknowledged that some FBI agents had used government aircraft for their personal use in the past. They reimbursed taxpayers at the normal rate.

OMB guidance states that a government plane cannot be authorized except for official purposes. It can’t be used for any other purpose than official travel unless commercial air is available or more expensive.

The legislators want documents about Wray’s government plane travel, as well as an accounting of taxpayer’s costs, by August 29.

According to the GAO Wray, the FBI would need to reimburse the FBI for personal travel expenses and then transfer funds to the Treasury Department.

Wray needs to answer questions about the abuse and politicization of the FBI. When the GOP wins Congress, cleaning up the house will be their first priority.