WTF?? Rashida Tlaib caught on camera physically trying to assault President Trump (video)

Rashida tlaib
Rashida tlaib interrupts Trump speech,race towards in rage

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Unhinged crazy Democratic senator Rashilda Tlaib Caught on live camera trying to attack Trump physically……

Rashida Tlaib (D-M) is one bitter unperturbed and violent congresswoman,its hard to grasp why the far-left leaning Americans choose their representatives from a trash of violent,corrupt,dumb,anti-american and lieing people.

Although not totally new,we believe alot of people haven’t seen this clip of one of the member of “the gang” Rashida Tlaib trying to assault President Trump physically,whisked away by security Rashida could be seen trying to punch the guards.

Rashida tlaib
Rashida tlaib interrupts Trump speech,race towards in rage

She yelled like a crying baby,so pathetic,why the hell would a sane congress person do something so unethical and still talk about impeachment?,if anyone is to be impeached it should be the hate-filled daft Rashida herself.

On her inauguration night she called President Trump a “motherF*cker” threatning to impeach him for his strict immigration rules.

The hate on the President’s effort to secure the borders is a hate against America,Rashida who alongside house speaker Nancy Pelosi fustrated every single effort to stop the caravan of illegals flooding our country,75% with fraudulent activities that cause social crisis i.e as drugs pushing,human trafficking,supply of illegal firearms e.t.c,the remaining 25% become a responsibility of tax payers.

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The Dems do this in return for what you may guess? Well to stay in office,yeah if there are no illegals the campaign of “stronger together” would be dwarfed,the heavily polluted electoral acts have made it possible for immigrants to vote in some states,creating an edge over closed border activists and policy makers, who believe anyone interested in been in America use the goddamn legal means to properly examine we ain’t welcoming wolfs hidden in dog parks.

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This has to stop in one way,until then we keep watching and exposing these liberal agenda’s.

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The world have to see this open rape on America.


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