Yeah, Nevada Judge Michele Fiore Is Controversial, but at Least She’s Not Absolutely Spineless


MSNBC published an opinion piece on Thursday titled Nevada’s new judge doesn’t respect law. You might even know it. This article covers almost every scandal against Nye County’s newest Justice of the Peace Michele Fiore. Michele Fiore has been a Las Vegas City Councilwoman and an RNC Committeewoman.

They tried to make her look bad, but they forgot some key “Michele moments”, like when she posed with what appeared to be lace-women’s undergarments on the front of her photo. A “N69 mask”, people. People either love or hate her. You can take your pick.

Fiore is controversial, but I am not here to say so. She is controversial. Jessica Levinson was the author of the shocking and awe argument against Fiore. However, none of her claims in Nevada are new and she has submitted them a week late after unanimous approval.

Fiore’s position is somewhere in the middle of “Back the Blue” or “Come back on a warrant.” I cannot predict Fiore’s behavior, but I can say that I would like judges who share this ideology. Someone who supports law enforcement but doesn’t support federal agents coming to your ranch to kill your cattle. Someone who is willing to compromise between the rights of the state and its police powers.

Let me know if Levinson wrote an opinion piece on this prejudicial conduct in a hearing or just hit pieces about to-be judges that haven’t spoken one word on the bench.

Fiore can be liked or disliked. It is not surprising that neither opinion is shared. There are some people in the middle. The truth is, I don’t care. I could care less about Michele Fiore’s opinions than a local. Other than asking random people their thoughts on Donald Trump, who supported her. It doesn’t matter what hyperbolic, passionate, fire-and-brimstone response is next… it just doesn’t interest me.

Fiore could be considered the center of Republican politics in all areas. A map of all the factions and inter-party disputes could be created using Fiore’s relationship. That chart would include the “Republicans For Democrats” faction of um…turn-coats that opposed several statewide GOP candidates in general election. These people were censured because they did the exact opposite to what Republican Party members are required to do: to support Republican candidates.

If there are legitimate claims against Fiore it is lost to Republicans because the people who made them were willing to support Democrats. It is not surprising that Levinson, a professor from Los Angeles, has an unfavorable view. If it does, those points are in favor Fiore.

Michele doesn’t wear pearls. But people can still hold onto their pearls. She just wears hers with face-lace to protest executive orders. Because Mayor Carolyn Goodman wanted to give control to private business owners in the city, most officials were afraid to oppose the pandemic policy. The Washington Post called it “public skewering of Mayor Goodman.” Fiore was a City Council member with Goodman and she saw the events unfolding and didn’t “get in front” to avoid a similar social reprimand.

Fiore is controversial but she’s not completely spineless. I can see a lot of scrutiny coming her way… What do you think of that as “news?”