You must face justice-Rudy Giuliani rains fury “Epstein’s death does not mean freedom for Clinton,others


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Rudy Guliani is not taking the deep state’s bait to back down as ♦ Epstein’s death does not mean automatic freedom for his accomplice, Bill Clinton

The deep state doesnt seem to be taking a break from thier “eliminate to silence” tactic anytime soon,hopes were raised last few days ago when News of child trafficker Jeffery Epstein been arrested flooded both local and international media space with many expecting him to confess names his accomplices but all hope stip-dived when news of his suicide took the center stage 24hrs to the day of confession.

However all hopes arent lost as Rudy Giuliani,a top U.S attorney just sucker punched the deep state with a bad News, on live TV the legal practitioner has stated that Epstein’s death does not mean justice wouldn’t be served to associated accomplices as his diary is been investigated.

One of Epstein’s allegded major partner in illegal sexual adventures include Bill Clinton who’s flown in the deceased “lolita express” to his private island where clients engage in orgys with mostly underage teenagers and different fetish sexual escapades.

What Rudy Giuliani’s charge means is Bill clinton who is currently under investigation would be arrested and forced to answer questions on link to Epstein and what he was doing on the island from his many trips there,this is the first time Clinton is coming real close to justice as the wires are connected and the bomb is about blowing all up on his face.

NBC News reported that Epstein was “not on suicide watch at the time of his death,” but that is yet to be confirmed. Jeffery Epstein who happens to be a highly profiled prisoner with ties to dangerous elites and was on suicide watch, apparently died with no cameras pointing into his cell and no footage to clear up every reasonable doubt. Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy report was supposed to be released Sunday evening, however the NYC medical examiner’s office said it needs “further information” before determining a cause of death. “The New York City Medical Examiner Says the “determination is pending further information at this time” as to Jeffrey Epstein’s death” according to NBC News. But suicide still remains the presumed cause of death.

What do you think? Would Bill face justice??

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