Young Black Man Who Brutally Assaulted Elderly Vet in Nursing Home Won’t Stand Trial


Jadon Hayden (a 20-years-old black man) was insane enough to video himself brutally beating Norman Bledsoe (a 75-years-old white veteran), in a Detroit nursing facility. He was so sane that he took pictures of himself waving $20 bills. A judge ruled him incompetent for trial for the cruel attack.

Bledsoe sustained four broken fingers and broken ribs as well as a broken jaw. Two months later, he died in another nursing home. His family claims that he was not the same person after the brutal attack. He was depressed, and wouldn’t eat.

Jadon Hayden assaulted staff members at another group home before. His father claimed that Jadon Hayden isn’t violent, but has a mental illness.


Marty Hayden, Hayden’s dad, says that his son was diagnosed as having autism as a child and schizophrenia as an adolescent. He claims Jadon lived in a group home until he was sent to a mental hospital. Then he contracted COVID. Michigan Governor Whitmer’s COVID policies saw Hayden sent to Westwood Nursing Center, an elderly nursing home, where he shared with Bledsoe a room.

Hayden videotaped Bledsoe beating him in May 2020. It is difficult to watch the video.


Hayden was rational enough to tell the staff at the nursing home that Bledsoe had fallen out of his bed. They then saw the video Hayden had posted on social media.

Hayden’s father said, “This elderly man. I want to send my condolences and support to his family because they should still have him here.” “That shouldn’t have happened.”

Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office ruled that Jadon Hayden (now 22) is ineligible to stand trial.

The probate court has jurisdiction over the defendant. The defendant will be treated and his progress monitored. If the defendant regains competence, the WCPO may recharge the case.

The Bledsoe Family is suing the nursing facility and has decided not to comment.

Jadon’s father is pleased that his son will not stand trial.

Hayden said that imagining that my son could be in prison for many years was more of a burden than I needed. “But once the case was over, it really lifted a lot off my shoulders.”

Marty Hayden also believes that authorities placed his son in a nursing facility for the elderly and is seeking to sue those responsible.

Jadon Hayden currently resides at the Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital.