YouTube Censors Presidential Candidate RFK Jr Interview With Jordan Peterson


YouTube, an online video platform popular with many, confirmed to Daily Caller News Foundation, that it had removed the interview conducted by Canadian clinical psychology and author Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, with Democratic presidential nominee Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The wide-ranging, 95-minute interview titled “Rekindling Spirit of the Classic Democrat” was published on 5 June but is no longer accessible on YouTube. Peterson and Kennedy talked about COVID-19 vaccinations. YouTube responded to DCNF by citing vaccine misinformation in order to censor the interview.

A YouTube spokesperson told DCNF that they removed the video because it violated YouTube’s policy on misinformation about vaccines. This policy prohibits any content that claims that vaccines can cause chronic side-effects, excluding rare side-effects that are acknowledged by health authorities.

Peterson and Kennedy announced Sunday the removal of the YouTube Video on Twitter. Peterson stated that YouTube has “taken upon itself to actively intervene with a Presidential Election Campaign.” The interview can still be viewed on Twitter. Kennedy thanked Twitter Owner Elon musk in a Tweet.

What’s your opinion… Should social platforms censor presidential candidate? My conversation with JordanBPeterson has been deleted by @YouTube. You can view it on Twitter (thanks to @elonmusk). #Kennedy24

— Robert F. Kennedy Jr (@RobertKennedyJr) June 18, 2023

Peterson and Kennedy discussed COVID-19 during their interview.

Peterson: “You expressed your concern at the start of our conversation about the use of terror.” Peterson said, “We could say that on the vaccine front the mandates for vaccines… and the lockdown mandates were all pushed through with fear.”

The New York Times reports that Donald Trump, the former president of the United States, used to connect vaccines with autism.

Kennedy stated that “if you believed vaccines caused autism, it meant that you were a Republican, but if you did not believe that they did, and this has been proven beyond doubt, then you were a Democrat.” There was no middle ground, no dialogue and no space for debate or dissent. It was a tribe issue.”

Peterson brought the issue of the presidential candidate’s Instagram ban in February 2021 for sharing antivaccine views. The Washington Post reported that the platform reinstated Kennedy’s account on Friday, June 4, citing his status as a presidential candidate.

Kennedy stated during the interview that he was interested in seeing what you do with YouTube.

Peterson replied, “Well you know that they have left me alone.” “YouTube left me alone.” Peterson responded. It’s quite surprising. It’s surprising because I’ve made comments on YouTube that should have gotten me into trouble. They haven’t put any strikes on my channel… they’ve completely been hands-off.”

Peterson and Kennedy didn’t immediately respond to DCNF’s comment request.