Amazon CEO Says More Job Cuts Coming Next Year


Amazon CEO Andy Jassy stated in a note sent to employees that Amazon is cutting jobs and will continue the reductions into next year.

Jassy stated that the company is currently undergoing an annual review. This year has been more difficult.

He explained that this year’s review was more challenging because the economy is still in a difficult spot and that we have hired quickly the past several years.

“Yesterday, the company made the difficult decision to remove a number positions from our Devices and Books business. We also announced a voluntary reduction offer to some employees of our People, Experience, and Technology organization (PXT). As leaders make adjustments, our annual planning process will continue into the new year. This means that there will be further role cuts. These decisions will be shared early in 2023 with affected employees and organizations. While we don’t know how many other roles will be affected (we do know there will be cuts in our Stores & PXT organisations), each leader will inform their teams once we have all the details down,” Jassy stated in the note.

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Jassy, who assumed the CEO role last January, stated that it was the most difficult experience since she took over the reins of the company.

He wrote that he’s been in the role for about a year. “This is without a doubt the hardest decision we’ve made (and, we have had to make some very difficult calls over the last couple of years, especially during the heart of pandemic).” We are trying to support the affected people and helping them find new jobs on teams that need it. In cases where this is not possible, we offer packages that include a separation payment and transitional insurance benefits.