At Massachusetts Grade School, 10 Children Get Sent to a Hospital Over TikTok Challenge


After ten children were taken to the hospital in Massachusetts for treatment, officials are now warning parents about a dangerous TikTok Challenge.

The incident resulted in a massive reaction from first responders to the Dexter Park School on Tuesday in the city of Orange in the western part of the state.

One student brought very spicy gum to school, which he then gave to other students during recess.

James Young Jr., Chief of Orange Fire, stated that the gum was rated at 16 million Scoville heat units. This is a measure of spice pungency.

Young explained that this is the equivalent of pepper spray. Young stated that it was a hot or spicy agent that children were exposed to. It can cause skin irritation and respiratory and airway inflammation.

Officials believe that the student brought the gum because it was popular in a TikTok social media challenge.

Amelia Dynice, parent of a student at the school said that she was stunned to discover the gum was sold on Amazon.

Dynice said, “That’s frightening and scary.”

The Superintendent of the school stated that they were investigating the incident, and that appropriate “disciplinary actions” would be taken after the investigation is complete.

Young suggested that parents should talk to their children about such incidents.

He said that children are curious, and will investigate these things. However, they won’t bring them to school.

Young stated, “Don’t give products away to each other and, if you do see something, tell the adults in charge of the school so they can prevent it from happening.”

Over concerns about Chinese communist surveillance, TikTok has been banned by some state lawmakers. Some members of Congress in the United States have called for a ban on the application across the country.

Here’s a local report on the incident