Biden Attempts to Drop the Gauntlet on Greg Abbott – ‘Pound Sand’ the Only Response?


Joe Biden or, more likely, his handlers issued an ultimatum to Gov. Greg Abbott to relinquish the control over “disputed” border zones that Texas had been securing. This came after Abbott received the support of 25 states in his fight against the federal government’s refusal to enforce immigration law.

The Biden administration has set Friday, 26th January as the date to make its demand. It wants full access to Shelby Park, the boat launch, and the international bridge.

You might be able to see behind me that the razor wire from Texas is still inside Shelby Park. It is still untouched. The Biden administration warned Texas that it had until tomorrow to allow Biden border agents to return to Shelby Park and to be able to remove Texas’ razorwire as it saw fit.

An attorney for the federal government writes to Texas Attorney-General Ken Paxton, informing him that the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the Biden administration. This ends temporary restraining orders that prevented Biden’s border agent from touching Texas razorwire in Shelby Park and the surrounding area. The Biden administration is now going into more detail about what it wants. The administration wants to gain access to Shelby Park as well as the boat launch and international bridge.

The quoted federal attorney is misinterpreting the Supreme Court ruling. The Supreme Court’s ruling lifted only an injunction that prevented federal officials from cutting razor wire. The ruling didn’t say that Texas had to allow federal officials access to the area where razor wire was located. This is the main issue in the conflict, and a new court ruling will be needed to resolve the matter.

Abbott must be firm in his stance. He has nothing to lose. What will the Biden administration do? If the Texas National Guard doesn’t leave, will they open fire? The federal government does not have any leverage and cannot impose its will. Texas holds Shelby Park and other “disputed” areas, and it is not obliged to leave.

This is a ridiculous argument. The border crisis is at an all-time high, and Biden’s administration is wasting time and resources by trying to cut the razor wire that was laid to prevent illegal entry. Texas has the right to self-defense. It has the right to defend its territory. It’s the leaders of the federal government who should be held accountable for refusing to perform the task, and not the state officials, who are simply trying to follow common sense.

Abbott should tell Biden that he needs to pound sand.