Biden State Dinner: Joe’s Disoriented, Hunter Finds Humor, and Jill Faces Dress Challenges


Hunter Biden and other Bidens were invited to a state dinner hosted by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Joe Biden, when asked about the scandal earlier this week, said that he was “proud” of his son and avoided other questions.

Hunter looks like he’s having a blast at the state banquet, laughing with other “distinguished” guests, and even kissing them. All these people are just sucking him up. When you think about what he has done, it’s incredible.

It doesn’t matter what he has done or may have been guilty of. They seem to only care about who they believe has the power right now.

Jill Biden was the next. She struggled to descend the stairs while wearing a Ralph Lauren dress. Maybe you shouldn’t wear a dress that is too tight or too long. They all looked stiff and awkward, especially Jill, at the end. Joe, on the other hand, has no idea and doesn’t help her down the steps. He is her handler yet he doesn’t help her. He stands there, looking confused.

Biden’s confusion grew after the toasts made by the two leaders when Biden asked: “Where are you?”

Once again, he seems to have no clue where he is supposed to go. He is constantly lost and needs direction to get out of the stage. He would be lost if he didn’t always have someone telling him what to say and do. This is the guy that is supposed to be the leader of the free world? The Democrats have nominated this candidate for 2024 and are trying to exclude other candidates by refusing to hold a debate. China has been threatening the United States with spy balloons and bases in Cuba. It’s all because Xi believes they can beat this guy.

Biden made an odd comment when he met Modi prior to the dinner. He called out “Don’t Fall!” to a person in front of him.

He didn’t make it clear. He often says, “Don’t Jump!” but in this case, he might want to take his own advice. After all, he is the one who has a tendency to trip and fall, whether it’s on airplane steps or the stage.

Joe Biden has made it easier to buy groceries. Biden and Democrats aren’t concerned as long as they hold on to power. They are without shame. We can still tell who they are despite their attempts to hide it.