Biden to Force Asylum Seekers to Stay in Texas?


Joe Biden was begged to help blue state governors, and city mayors cope with the asylum seekers who have been flooding their cities in the last few months. President Obama has found a solution to the problem and retaliated against the person making it worse.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott did not cause the migrant crisis in America’s blue cities — not even close. Since March, Abbott has bused around 35,000 border crossers to New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Denver, and Los Angeles. The culprit in his drama is the federal government. Washington has loaded these people on bus after bus and sent them on their way north.

The crisis is out of control, regardless of who’s at fault. Joe Biden is considering a plan to force asylum seekers to stay in Texas, Arizona, or whatever state they entered, to be processed there.

Fox News:

The government is working with local groups to find housing for migrants.

Fox News Digital contacted Texas Governor Greg Abbott and the White House. Greg Abbott’s Office and various immigration agencies.

A spokesperson for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) told Fox News Digital that the Biden administration “is committed to expanding safe and orderly pathways for migrants to lawfully enter the United States while imposing consequences to those who fail to use those pathways.”

DHS said that it “continually holds policy and operations discussions on how to leverage our authority in order to ensure an efficient, fair, and humane immigration procedure, which removes those without a legal basis for remaining in the country.”

The plan would expand the Family Expedited Relocation Management Program (FERM), where migrant families are placed under GPS monitoring and a curfew. It is for people who will be heading to cities like Baltimore, Washington, and Chicago.

The number of migrants who cross the southern border is on the rise. Texas has also had a tense relationship with the federal government, most recently over Abbott’s attempts to stop migration using floating buoys near the Rio Grande.

How does DHS plan to monitor these asylum seekers when it takes for their cases to be adjudicated? Biden wants to solve his blue-state problem by giving his state to Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Biden’s future is uncertain.