Biden Treasury Department Uses Comical Excuse to Block House Request for Hunter’s Bank Records


The blatant manner they do it is almost as bad as the manipulation of federal agencies by the Biden Administration to bid on the Biden Family Businesses. Comical? Yes. In a way. It is unacceptable, and for which there should also be consequences. You betcha. It will happen. It is highly unlikely.

Team Biden’s latest example in a “conflict” of interest is Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. She has “delayed” (blocked temporarily) a House Republican request to information on family financial transactions of Biden that might have been marked suspicious. The Hill reports that it must first decide if the disclosure of these records is compatible with “longstanding Executive Branch interests.”

Memo to Secretary Yellen

What about comparing the proven ties between “The Big Guy”, his son Hunter, and his suspect business dealings, particularly in Communist China, and questionable money transfers between the two?

James Comer, Chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee (Republican from Kentucky), requested suspicious activity reports on the Biden family in January in a letter to Sec. Yellen. Financial institutions generate suspicious activity reports when they flag unusual financial moves. These reports are submitted to the federal governments.

Treasury wrote the following Wednesday in rebuke of Comer’s request:

It is crucial that the requesting committee clearly state in writing the purpose of seeking the requested information as well as the intended use of the information. This will allow the Department to determine whether disclosure is appropriate and compatible with longstanding Executive Branch interests.

What about the “Executive Branch” interests? Madam Secretary, I don’t mean to be critical, but what about the national interest and integrity of the federal government? Oder does the Biden Family business, which claims to be protecting the Executive Branch, take precedence over the interests of the American people?

Comer was not happy about stonewalling, it’s obvious.

The coordinated effort of the Biden Administration and other agencies to conceal information about President Biden’s business schemes and family is alarming. We will continue to push for access to suspicious activity reports for the Biden family, their associates, as well as the power of law to get them if necessary.

The Hill reported that the House Oversight Committee’s probe is only one of the investigations launched in January by House Republicans against The Biden Family Business. Comer also made it clear during a brutal beating of Chuck Todd on January 8th, that the primary objective of House investigations into the Biden Family’s activities was:

Let me clarify: We are not investigating Hunter Biden. We are investigating Joe Biden. Any American who has kept up with politics over the past two administrations will agree that we must know what is permissible and unacceptable in regard to foreign adversarial interference among family members of Presidents of the United States. This is something Kushner and the Democrats complained about, and it’s something Republicans, including me, have been complaining about, as well as Biden, his brother and son. It’s time to change it.

Comer also told Todd that House Republicans had evidence to support their requests for information.

We have the evidence to support everything we asked. Emails and texts show Hunter Biden complaining that he has to spend so much money supporting his father. Hunter Biden was dependent on influence peddling from China and Russia as his only source of income. This is something we need to look at. This isn’t political. We want to find out if the president was honest when he claimed he had no knowledge of his family’s business dealings. We’ll know the truth once we have that information.

Let’s talk about Joe Biden’s “truthfulness,” in regard to his son’s business dealings. Multiple times Joe has made mutually exclusive declarations. He claims that he has never spoken to Hunter about foreign business transactions and is unaware of them. He also claims that Hunter did not break any laws during his transactions in China and Ukraine.

Joe, sorry, but that dog doesn’t hunt.

Joe can’t be sure Hunter didn’t violate the law. But he also claims he hasn’t discussed Hunter’s business dealings and doesn’t know anything about them. He cannot; at most one of those claims is false. Joe Biden is the most famous of all. lying? Who knew?