Biden’s Ceremony Chaos: ‘Please Clap’ and Handler Jill’s Frustration


Joe Biden was momentarily in attendance at a meeting with Kenyan President William Ruto. When the reporters inquired about the date on which he would execute his commitment to travel to Africa last year, he had a sharp exchange with them. During a brief meeting with business executives at the White House, Biden made a peculiar comment about our ambassador to Kenya by engaging in ad-lib.

Nevertheless, on Thursday, the state salutation was more formal, featuring ruffles and flourishes. Joe initiated the proceedings with a moment of uncertainty before ascending to the stage for the anthems. Observe him as he ascends the stage; he is in search of his mark to determine where to position himself.

Next, the guard was reviewed following the anthems. However, Joe was uncertain about his position.

Subsequently, observe the disparity between Ruto’s and Joe’s gait. Biden’s gait is stilted, and his arms are not flowing in a typical manner.

In certain respects, it was comparable to the manner in which King Charles had to guide Biden during his visit to Great Britain.

However, when they eventually permit him to speak, the situation always becomes slightly more dire. Is that democracy enduring, or is it endearing?

How dare you individuals fail to comprehend the significance of utilizing an abundance of renewable energy, as Kenya does? I would appreciate it if you could cla

However, Biden neglects to mention that Kenya experiences frequent disruptions due to its inability to sustain its essential services due to its instability. For us, is that what Joe would prefer? This is the significant disparity between the Democrats’ fantasy and the actuality of the matter. Is it possible to discuss an additional cause to vote against this individual?

However, this was potentially the most amusing aspect. Joe and Ruto were standing on the balcony, gazing at the individuals on the lawn and waving to a few of them. However, Jill the Handler desired to ensure that he remained focused. Observe as she frets on the side and attempts to persuade him to enter the building and proceed with the task at hand. However, Joe is a sluggish individual.

Afterward, they will conduct a press conference, which is expected to be captivating, and Joe will likely be required to address inquiries. Following this, the State Dinner will be held. Joe’s day is expected to be lengthy, as he typically attends only one event. He is already appearing fatigued and unwell.