Biden’s Fourth of July Speech: A Mix of Senility, Brazenness, and Confusion


The Fourth of July is over, and most people enjoyed spending time with their families and grilling. Consider yourself lucky if you managed to get through the Fourth of July without setting anything on fire or blowing off any body parts.

While you paid astronomical prices to buy food and the most expensive fireworks ever, the White House hosted another “let them have cake” moment.

In what I assume to be a taxpayer-funded event, Joe Biden got up on stage and shot the bull. He managed to bump into his old enemy during that interaction. In a video, he appears to be confused as to how to leave the stage before trying to pass it off as if he was saying “hi” to people who were not actually there.

It’s all fine. All is well.

He’s talking to no one at one point. You know, normal things normal people do. I am assured that Biden is not experiencing a mental decline. This is him just being “quirky,” “folksy,” and also a “stutter.”

It wasn’t the video of the White House festivities that I found most disturbing. It was actually one of the Bidens who watched the fireworks from a balcony. Hunter Biden was in attendance.

The son of the president can be seen smiling and giving that little clap that dictators give when they are sure they have their subjects under control. This scene is breathtaking in its brazenness. We have a man that just pleaded guilty to multiple offenses via a sweetheart deal. This will keep him from prison (in situations where others would spend years in jail). Hunter Biden, instead of trying to hide or even keep up an appearance, is displaying his power to the world.

He lives in the White House. He attends state dinners with the Attorney General who is supposedly investigating him. And he waved to peasants at a Fourth of Independence event. Heck, a notorious drug addict may even leave his cocaine lying around in the taxpayer-funded mansion that he lives in. This is what happens when nothing matters. In our current political moment, nothing really matters.

It used to be that there was at least an effort to make people feel as if they weren’t being ruled by pampered elites who didn’t play by the rules. The Bidens aren’t interested in making this presentation. They want you to be aware of their specialness. They enjoy rubbing you in the face to see how far they can push it.

At this point, I fully expect Hunter Biden will run for office. I am not joking or being facetious.