Biden’s State Dept. Enforces Pronoun Mandate, But Messes Up Their Own Rule


How woke is too woke? Even the Biden team got tripped up by their own wokeness on Thursday.

Vedant Patel, State Department Deputy spokesperson was briefing reporters when he received a question that made him angry. Lee, an old-school reporter who has been in the same position for 16 years or so, is not afraid to ask questions they might not like. He has called out the Biden campaign several times for nonsense before.

Lee asked Patel about the addition of emails sent by the State Department. Patel admitted ignorance. Lee claimed that pronouns were now required in the “from” line of emails, which he did not like.

Lee stated that “This is not optional.” He said that he did not mind if people used pronouns if they chose to, but why suddenly was it made mandatory? He asked, “Who made this choice?”

Patel said that he had not seen it, and therefore could not comment on what Lee said. Lee claimed that it was not just for emails sent within the State Department. Lee asked Patel to look into the matter.

Lee made the hilarious point that “at least some are wrong as far as I can tell! The wrong pronouns are being used! Men are identified as women, and women as men. It has nothing to do whatsoever with transgenders or anything else. It’s ridiculous!”

Lee said that it is not the State Department’s place to impose this on people. He declared, “It is wrong!”

Matt Lee is here with us, and we are all asking to stop this madness. He did well, to be honest about the move driving people crazy.

State Department has promoted “pronouns” for some time. In October 2021, almost two years earlier, the State Department tweeted about “International Pronouns Day.”

They are always pushing the woke agenda.

Some people have asked what “inter-phobia” is since it’s difficult to keep up with the constant barrage of information. The fear is of people who are intersex.

The Biden team has a pretty funny story. They seem to have been slapped on the backside with this whole thing. They want everyone to be woke and adopt this stuff. They commit one of the woke most horrendous sins — they misgender someone. Do they not realize the trauma that they have caused? How could they have done such a terrible thing? It is imperative that they are sent back to school for reeducation so that such an evil act will never be repeated.

All this must make foreign governments laugh their heads off. Imagine what China is thinking when we focus on this instead of its threatening behavior toward its neighbors. This is the message the Biden Team is sending to our enemies around the globe. They are a laughingstock–and this is not good.