Blue Jays Pitcher Anthony Bass Gets Ratioed After Totally Baseless Attack On Airline


Anthony Bass, a MLB pitcher, was angry with United Airlines because they forced his pregnant wife, who had messed up his child’s mess, to clean it up. He didn’t get any sympathy on the internet if that was what he had expected.
He wrote: “You’ve got to kidding me! ”

Bass’s rant drew a flood of angry responses. ”

On Monday around 3:30 pm, there were almost 14,000 responses and nearly 7,500 quotes. Nevertheless, less than 4,500 people liked it.

The pitcher insisted that his wife shouldn’t have cleaned up the mess. In a tweet, he said that the “cleaning staff” they hired should have done the job.

United Airlines replied to Bass’s post by saying “Hello Anthony”. United Airlines responded to Bass’ post with “Hello, Anthony.”

Other users reacted immediately to the airline’s answer. Others criticized the airline’s response, saying that it took the Blue Jay’s complaints seriously. One user threatened to boycott United Airlines in the event that it took any action against the flight attendant.

Bass’s season has so far been a disappointment. Bass’ season has been a disappointment so far.