Bodyguards Stop Japanese Prime Minister’s Assassination After Attempted Assassin Threw Pipe Bomb


Multiple outlets reported that a pipe bomb was thrown by a Japanese man at Prime Minister Fumio Kishhida while he gave a speech to the Western Japan region.  However, Security guards reacted quickly to protect him.

ABC News reported that witnesses saw what appeared to be an object, which looked like a thin metal thermos, that flew near the Prime Minister and was believed to be a homemade pipe bomb. This incident occurred just nine months after a former Japanese Prime Minister was assassinated.

The Daily Wire posted footage of the Prime Minister being hurled away from the area by a bomb that bounced toward him. A bodyguard blocked it with his briefcase, then kicked it to the side. The security guard also unfolds his briefcase to create a shield that is bulletproof.

Hirokazu Mattsuno, Chief Cabinet Secretary, described a second angle of the incident in which security personnel wrestled the suspect to the floor after he had allegedly thrown “the suspicious item”.

The Spanish outlet Marca described it as a campaign event at a fishing harbor in Western Japan where the Prime Minister stood with his back turned to the crowd until his security detail pointed the explosive device out.

The authorities, both in uniform and plainclothes, tackled the man, who was wearing a surgical mask, while he held another device, a silver tube. The first pipe bomb explosion is audible from this angle.

The scene of the crime was seized by police with two possible bombs. One of them had exploded and the other was in the possession of the suspect. Also found were a cigarette light and a knife.

The police then searched the residence of Ryuji KIMURA, a 24-year-old man who lived more than 62 miles from the scene of the attack. Investigators discovered metal tubes, tools, and possibly gunpowder

In the incident that occurred at the Saikazaki Port in Wakayama, one police officer was hurt. The Prime Minister had planned to deliver a speech supporting a local candidate of his party.