Buttigieg On Keystone Pipeline Amid Ukraine Invasion


    Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg stated on MSNBC’s “The 11th Hour”, that President Joe Biden didn’t want to authorize Keystone Pipeline to stop oil prices from skyrocketing in the wake of the Russian invasion.

    Buttigieg said it would be “galloping for permanent solutions to immediate short-term problems.”

    Anchor Stephanie Ruhle stated, “I want gas to continue for another minute. The president cannot set the price for gas but he has the ability to influence it. While it’s important to release some strategic reserves, considering how much has already been released, it really is a drop in a bucket. Do you think there are other things that could be done? Oder working with Iran?

    Buttigieg stated, “Look, President has said that all options were on the table. We must also ensure that we don’t chase after temporary solutions for immediate problems. There are more strategic and tactical actions that can make a significant difference in the short-term, such as what you have with your strategic reserve. This reserve exists partly to help us respond to situations like these.

    He said, “The president has laid policy that will help cushion any volatility in the energy markets in future by building more of a diverse and homegrown energy source for this country.”