California Senator Dianne Feinstein Passes Away at 90


Dianne Feinstein, 90 years old, has died. She has represented California in Congress since 1992.

ABC7 Insider Phil Matier confirmed that Senator Dianne Feinstein died at the age of 90. Many firsts were part of her career. She was the San Francisco Board of Supervisors’ first female president, San Francisco’s first woman mayor, and one of only two women from California elected to the U.S. Senate.

Nancy Pelosi, former House Speaker, said that Dianne Feinstein was a woman icon from the beginning.

Senator Chuck Schumer said, “California’s first female senator is a legend.” “She was a leader in so many different areas.”

California Governor Gavin Newsom will fill the seat Feinstein occupied in the Senate. Gavin Newsom. Previous reports indicate that he won’t be appointing anyone who is already running for her replacement in the 2024 elections (Feinstein planned to retire by then). He has said that he will appoint a “caretaker”, who won’t be running for the seat indefinitely.

This plan sparked controversy, given Newsom’s prior pledge to appoint an African-American woman to the position.

“But you’re going to abide by – it would be essentially a caretaker –an African American woman?” Todd also asked Newsom, to which he replied “I abide by what I’ve said very publicly on a consistent basis. Yes.”

Not surprisingly, this caused an eruption from Lee, who declared she was very “troubled” by Newsom’s “insulting” comments because in her view Newsom was boiling it down to appointing what MSNBC has called a “token” black woman.

Currently, House representatives Katie Porter and Adam Schiff are the most prominent names in the Democratic Party vying for the seat in 2024. Lee is a contender but further down in the polls. This story is developing.