Chilling Spectacle: Biden Team’s Reaction to Verdicts Leaves Hillary Grinning Like a Mysterious Cat


Biden’s sheeple insist that Donald Trump has nothing to do in the lawfare campaigns against him. According to an ABC News journalist, they cheered the conviction of the ex-president on 34 fabricated criminal charges, such as “business record falsification”, or whatever garbage Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg whipped up.

They are gleefully celebrating the perversion of justice. I can’t help but think of the Titanic and a couple who were jealously celebrating the fact that their rivals had been thrown into the ocean, not realizing that they were on the same boat.

Mary Bruce, a reporter, called the guilty verdicts “a political present to Democrats and a political gift for the President.” But, this gift may be wrapped in a nice shiny paper, but it could be hiding something nasty. This travesty is causing more Americans to realize what the rogue regime really does.

In Biden’s Wilmington campaign headquarters in Delaware, it appears to be party time.

As the verdict was announced, our team heard cheers from the Biden headquarters at Wilmington.


I’ve never seen this reporter and I know nothing about her. But after she said that Biden supporters were celebrating the banana republic conviction of an ex-American president, she went full-on into spin mode, saying that Biden didn’t want to seem “overly celebrational” and that he had stressed that he “had nothing to do with this.”

The Biden campaign drones were not the only ones to celebrate. You knew Hillary Clinton was going to join in, too, with a Cheshire Cat smile and perhaps a few cackles, even though she deleted official records herself using BeachBlit, but that tragic Hamlet, the former FBI director James Comey, never charged her. It’s mind-boggling to see the double standards.

What does “is” mean in English?

The former Secretary of State and First Lady are acting as if it is all a joke. We have just seen our legal systems lowered to a fourth-world level:

I said on Thursday that leftists may be celebrating now, but they will regret this day in the future because it is likely to come back and bite them. Ghouls, you can laugh now. But the hangover will be huge.