CNN Finally Reports on Biden Family Corruption, and Everyone Should Be Asking Why


The mainstream media has grown into a huge, bloated entity that copies conservative outlets and then publishes them two years later. The New York Post was censored and maligned by outlets like The Washington Post to confirm its reporting.

CNN is currently reevaluating this dynamic. CNN’s liberal network produced a thorough report about the corruption surrounding the Biden family.

CNN reports that the president’s brother used it for private business purposes over many years to project power and influence.

Frank, his younger brother, addressed Boston doctors a year after Biden was elected. He spoke out about Joey’s “bully pulpit”. He promised that he would help them “get federal funds.”

Hunter Biden, Biden’s younger son, insists that his last name was a “coveted credential”, which helped him get a lucrative and controversial job as a Board Member at a Ukrainian energy firm when Joe Biden had been vice president. Hunter Biden stated this.

I could probably read through CNN and decode its reporting, listing every detail about Biden’s corrupt actions.

Politico reports that James Biden has been accused of trading and fraud in his business dealings with Americore Health and other medical companies. Joe said he was interested in the venture and that the family name could provide opportunities.

Tom Pritchard, an ex-executive at Americore Health, said it was all smoke and mirrors. James Biden convinced Americore of the potential for him to use his political power to secure significant investments from the Middle East. Pritchard convinced the company to take financial responsibility. Pritchard even loaned six figures to James, which he has not yet repaid.

This was just one example. Most right-leaning media outlets have published hundreds to even hundreds of stories about Joe Biden’s business success. It is impossible to explain this other than influence peddling. Hunter Biden is most famous because of his insaneness, but James Biden or Frank Biden is fine with financial transactions.

We have been repeatedly told that Joe Biden did not know anything about anything.

Despite all that, the most important question in this CNN report is “Why now?” This CNN report’s most striking question is “Why now?” This report comes almost three years after RedState and other conservative outlets reported the same thing. Sources say that the president will likely announce his decision in February.

Democrats know they can’t allow him to run again. However, Democrats are well aware that they cannot allow Biden to run again.