CNN’s Delusion on Where the Threat Is Coming From After SCOTUS Leak


We saw CNN and other liberal media do everything they could to minimize the violence during the 2020 BLM/Antifa Riots. Now they are doing the same thing for pro-abortion protestors against the SCOTUS leak.

You could see CNN and MSNBC reporters calling the riots “mostly peaceful” even as they raged in the background.

CNN tried to make a story that was false, and they seem to be repeating the same mistake now by describing the reactions to the leak of the SCOTUS draft opinions. Fear of threats to the Court or the justices, non-scalable fencing was put around the Court following the leak.

Guess who CNN claims law enforcement is “bracing for violence”? They claim there are concerns about violence coming from the “far-right” and turning reality upside down.

Why would people on the right, who would love such a decision, be upset? This is absurd. CNN will do anything to distract from the truth of the violence on the left, as they did with the BLM riots.

They said violence could occur “against abortion providers and against the clinics”, but “I should warn, though, that there are no specific credible threats.” In the wake of January 6, social media chatter has been taken more seriously.

Also, there are no real dangers — bonus points for Jan. 6 in.

Notice who they don’t mention? Radical groups that target the SCOTUS justices in harassment. These radical groups want to infiltrate Catholic churches. They are already violent. The real threats are, you know. These are the ones that Democrats don’t condemn and actually encourage, even though they are boosting the rhetoric.

When the police arrived, there were 250 leftists blocking the street in front of the Los Angeles federal courthouse. One of the protestors was waving a Communist flag. Things escalated and radicals broke the windows of at least one police car, attacking police officers, and inflicting injuries on two officers.

I don’t believe this was from the far-right.

It was a Catholic Church in Boulder, Colorado that was vandalized.

CNN has not covered this story. It seems that it is missing. It was not mentioned here, nor any other leftist actions.

Are they expecting people to believe what they say? Talk about Orwellian propaganda.