Consumer Group Calls Out Woke American Express During Shareholder Meeting


Consumers’ Research uses the theme “Enough with the Racism, Serve Your Customers” to call out American Express, a woke financial services company, during Tuesday’s annual shareholder meeting. The ad highlights discrimination against white employees.

The ad charges state that American Express “rather than clean their act, has gone woke.”

“Employees claim people are promoted and told that they offer lower premiums based upon race,” the narrator says. He then quotes a Fox Business article which states that “American Express engages with’reverse discrimination” against white people.

It also mentions that the company has forced critical race theory training on employees and said to them “capitalism was racist.”

The commercial, “UnAmerican Express”, will air in New York.

The group pointed out that American Express CEO Stephen Squeri is pushing for diversity and inclusion. He stated that the “Anti-Racism Initiative” was designed to make privileged employees defer to disadvantaged groups. In training sessions, employees were instructed to “identify any privileges or advantages you may have.” ‘”

Breitbart News’ Will Hild, Consumers Research Executive Director, stated that American Express is a direct product of capitalism. However, under CEO Steve Squeri American Express has abdicated a fiduciary obligation to shareholders like me, calling capitalism racist and simultaneously pressuring employees for actions based upon race.” Will Hild, Consumers’ Research Executive Director, said to Breitbart News. According to American Express’ backward logic employees should be treated differently based upon race to eliminate racism. Consumers Research calls on American Express to stop being hypocritical and to start serving its customers. ”

Consumers’ Research also installed a mobile billboard at the New York City headquarters of the company to help it circle the building during its shareholder meeting.

American Express also instructed their employees on “microaggressions” to encourage them to support Black Lives Matter.