Culture War Panel Sounds Alarm On Leftists Indoctrinating Children


    According to Breitbart News, Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), hosted a packed roundtable discussion with guests involved in “culture warfare” issues.

    Winsome Sears, Virginia’s new lieutenant governor (R), was among the guests. Harmeet, a prominent conservative attorney, also spoke out about concerns regarding schools’ influence on children.

    Sears stated that “our message from the beginning has been that parents matter, children are our future and that if they don’t take care education in the right way, not only are our children going to lose but so is our country because we aren’t on this planet alone.” He also pointed to U.S. enemies like Russia and China.

    After winning the election in a blue-leaning State, Sears, a black Republican women and Jamaican immigrant became a celebrity overnight in November. The driving messages behind the Republican victories in Virginia were “Parents Matter” in education, school choice advocacy and fighting schools that infuse topics of students’ racial and sexuality into their curriculums.

    Dhillon has among other extensive legal work litigated for parents and children as well as against school administrators. She stated that “what’s going on in our schools today may be the most critical issue of American politics and American culture life.”

    Dhillon stated that there has been a multiyear effort by school administrators to subtly corrupt the message that is sent to their students.

    Dhillon said, “I think any American politician who’s ignoring the issue today is being very foolish, as well any cultural leader of our country who isn’t paying attention to that fact that the left demagogues us for raising these problems by calling us QAnon and calling us conspiracy theorists. This is not a conspiracy. It’s in black and white. It is evident.”

    Pastor Darrell Scott was one of the other speakers on the panel. He spoke out on economic disparities in American communities, as well as racial disparities.

    Chad Wolf (ex-Trump administration acting secretary of Homeland Security) also spoke on the panel. He expressed concern that his agency might be “sacrificing some security to promote a civil rights agenda” based on some of its recent initiatives under President Joe Biden.

    Blackburn’s roundtable was part of a long-running series that senators have hosted roundtables and discussions on current issues.

    One February issue focused on U.S. athletes taking part in the Beijing Olympics, a country that is accused of human rights abuses. It was also run by communists. One month focused on the Biden administration’s handling of Russia-Ukraine conflicts that were quickly turning into a Russian invasion.

    The senator held a conversation with Riley Gaines (a female swimmer who was forced by NCAA to compete against Lia Thomas (a male) in the women’s college swim championships.