Defiant Protesters Storm Biden’s Delaware Home as President Returns from DC


On Saturday, President Biden returned to his Delaware residence — just a few hundred meters away from protestors who accuse him of genocide.

Biden returns to his home in Wilmington, Delaware after delivering an address on Veterans’ Day. The “Delaware Palestine March”, which is taking place in the same region, has just begun.

You can’t hide, Mr. Biden! “We charge you with genocide!” The crowd began chanting as protestors gathered earlier today.

Biden is being urged by protesters to call for a ceasefire as Israel continues their ground invasion into Hamas territory.

Both the U.S. and Israel, oppose any cease-fire. The U.S. claims that Israel has agreed to daily breaks in fighting so as to allow aid to enter Gaza.

Hamas still holds approximately 240 hostages, 10 of whom are Americans.

Hamas’ Gaza Health Ministry claims that more than 10,300 Gazans were killed in the fighting. However, they make no distinction between Hamas terrorists and Palestinian civilians.