DeSantis Will issue Emergency Order Barring State Licenses For Florida Migrant Facilities


    Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis will make a significant move to stop illegal aliens that the Biden Administration is claiming are unaccompanied kids entering his state. This order will prevent the issuance or renewal of state licenses for DCF facilities throughout Florida. The Biden administration will be responsible for the costs of illegal migrants and children who claim to be children living in these facilities. DeSantis will speak at a press conference to announce this new order.

    This emergency order is a follow-up to an executive order DeSantis made at the end of September. It outlined the steps he was going to take to protect Floridians from illegal migration.

    These DCF licensed facilities were created to care for Florida children who have been forced from their homes by their parents. Biden’s open border policies have led to the misinterpretation of their intended purpose. They will not be permitted to operate under an emergency order if they are housing illegal alien children Biden sent. They will also lose all their licenses.

    There are huge differences between the DeSantis and Biden administrations regarding migrants. This is because the Biden team ended the “Remain In Mexico” policies of former President Donald Trump and allowed millions of illegal immigrants to cross the border. Many of these migrants claim to be children. 

    DeSantis claimed that his staff was able to identify only 70 nighttime secret flights that were organized by the Biden administration. These secret flights land in low-traffic areas at airports during the night. Some flights can carry as many as 30 to 100 migrants.

    Biden and his staff have been moving illegal aliens to Florida and other parts of America in order to conceal the fact that there are more than half a million of them. Interior by October 31st.

    Later, DeSantis stated in the letter that he wasn’t under any illusions Mayorkas and Biden would stop flying migrants to Florida. DeSantis asked that the administration give details to the state and local officials regarding illegal aliens that the Biden group is resettling. He also demanded information about the location and dates of each illegal alien’s removal proceedings, as well as their criminal records and any coronavirus testing data.

    DeSantis will release a new DCF emergency order. This will allow DCF facilities licenses under the appropriate legal framework. The Biden migrant crisis will result in facilities that house illegal aliens losing their ability to operate.