Disney Animated Film Featuring First Openly Gay Main Character Bombs at Box Office


A Disney animated film about Thanksgiving was a disaster at the box office. Variety reports West Side Story, which was directed by Steven Spielberg during the pandemic era, did worse.

Disney anticipated a $30-40 Million opening.

Strange World was the first Disney movie to feature an openly gay main cast.

Disney assembled a stellar voice cast, including Jake Gyllenhaal, Dennis Quaid, and Lucy Liu. The budget for the film was $180 million

Variety reports the film will lose $ 120 million. This shows that people are still recovering from the pandemic, and adapting to it.

Correct. Let us just blame the pandemic.


Strange World, like other Disney animated films such as Lightyear (which was another disappointing box-office failure), tried to promote progressive causes. The film also featured an openly homosexual main character, which was the first in Disney animation history.

Strange World was a film with a high budget released to kick off the Christmas season.

But, it was important to note the importance of the gay character.

Even though international grosses may not be sufficient to save the movie, they are still censoring films that contain LGBTQ references. Disney refused to remove any parts of the film to comply with their guidelines.

A father reported that his child wanted to leave after only 10 minutes.

The movie failed to fulfill its primary purpose of entertaining the audience. Is Bob Iger going to solve Disney’s problems, the ex-Disney CEO?

After Bob Iger, the legendary former CEO of Disney, returns to the company, the latest failure comes at Disney. After several financial setbacks, Iger is expected to turn the ship around. He will replace Bob Chapek, who while leading the media company, openly supported progressive causes. This angered Governor Ron DeSantis and fellow Florida Republicans.

Disney+ has seen its revenue drop more than $8B in three years since its launch.