Disturbing New Details Point to Democrat John Fetterman Lying About Stroke


Dr. Mehmet Oz made a turbulent trip to the GOP nomination to be the next senator from Pennsylvania. Kathy Barnette, one of his primary adversaries, stubbornly and stupidly refused to endorse him. His critics, including me, have mostly done the smart thing and let it all fall. He was exponentially more preferable than John Fetterman, his Democratic opponent.

While Oz has been the focus of attention, and much second-guessing has occurred about his campaign’s performance, maybe Fetterman should be the center of attention? He has been diagnosed with a stroke and a serious heart condition. This is something that we know, but he said it was not a big deal. A new report by The New York Times suggests that he may have been lying when he claimed he would be able to serve without any problems.

It is amazing how the Times ignores this crucial, critical detail. The Times frames everything in the article as bad news for Republicans while casually mentioning “Oh yeah, the Democrat from Pennsylvania lied about his medical condition and is so poor he still slurs speech.” However, they declare that he will resume campaign events within the next few weeks.

Who is he expected to attend? Since his health crisis in May, he hasn’t held a public event. What does the “coming weeks” actually mean? Depending on your definition of the phrase, the election will be held in the next weeks. Fetterman will likely continue to hide until November with a campaign that revolves around Twitter slams. He may still be slurring his words, but he isn’t fully recovered. This doesn’t take into account the fact that Fetterman’s condition seems fragile enough to remain a concern no matter what.

Fetterman isn’t a healthy person. Fetterman is morbidly obese, and this clearly has had a very negative impact on his health. It’s time that Oz gets off the defensive and starts talking about his opponent’s ineligibility for office. This topic is not off-limits. It is imperative that voters realize how serious it can be to elect a man with a heart condition that could lead to his death at any moment. It doesn’t matter that Fetterman ignored his doctors for many years, which led him to this point. This is enough to prove his inept judgment.

Fetterman’s whole campaign is smoke and mirrors at the moment. He has managed to convince too many online resistance types that he can beat Oz using only snarky social media posts. It’s not 2020, and Fetterman’s not Joe Biden. He cannot hide in the basement to vote, and the longer he drags this out, the more voters will notice that he isn’t up for the job.